Chehayeb Alaa

Alaa Chehayeb

Interior Architect/ Designer/ Flight Attendant

Name:Alaa Chehayeb
Date of birth:09/09/1986
Address:Beirut, Lebanon.
Phone:+971 52 8140 960
An interior architect with a passion for digital media.  
Award-winning graphic designer/digital marketer.  
Award-winning journalist.


1st Prize – Creative Combat

Arabnet Conference | March 2013

Awarded first prize in the excellence of design and digital marketing strategy during the Creative Combat competition, organized by ArabNet conference; along with my friend Assaad Thebian.


Alaa Chehayeb and Assaad Thebian Creative combat winners

2nd Prize – Investigative Journalism

International Center For Journalists | December 2013

Second prize in the “Cross-Borders Investigative Journalism” competition, organized by the international center for journalists ( Our winning project,, investigated the participation of the foreign fighter in the Syrian war. This project was done in collaboration with Narin Shamo (Iraq) and Menan Khater (Egypt)


Apr 2015 - present

Emirates Airline

Flight Attendant

Flight attendant at Emirates Airline In-Flight services department. Duties include safety and emergency procedures and customer service.

Sep 2012 - Oct 2015

International Journalists Network

Arabic Editor/Writer

Freelance Arabic writer/editor at the International Journalists Network. I write about technology that benefits the journalists and improve their work. You can check my articles page here.

Dec 2012 - Feb 2015

Beirut on Ice

Digital Media Manager

Digital media manager for the one and only ice skating arena in Lebanon, Beirut on Ice.

May 2013 - Oct 2015

International Center For Journalists

Social Media and Design Trainer

Trainer with the “International Center For Journalists” ( about graphic design, social media, blogging and infographic design.

Jun 2012 - Dec 2012


Arabic Editor/Writer

Arabic editor and writer at I used to translate article from English to Arabic, write original Arabic articles, proofread, upload content to the company’s website and share content on social media.

Dec 2010 - Dec 2012

Writer | Social Media trainer

Journalist and writer in both Arabic and English languages at Hibr Lubnani (Lebanese Ink) neswpaper. I also worked as a social media trainer and provided many training sessions in Lebanon and Egypt.

Dima Saber, Ph.D

2012 Jul
Co-Founder of | Co-Founder of

Mr Chehayeb’s motivation and skills have made him an asset for Hibr print newspaper and the online site. Not only was Mr. Chehayeb a very talented writer, he also served as a social media trainer as part our team, and successfully demonstrated his communication skills through conducting and leading workshops in both Egypt and Lebanon.
Mr. Chehayeb trustworthiness and enthusiasm make him an amazing asset to any institution.

Dan Bernard

2013 Dec
Program Director, ICFJ.

Alaa Al Chehayeb brings to journalism his talents in graphic design and webpage design. In addition to journalistic research and writing, he has become a trainer in social media and informational graphics.

Habib Haddad

2013 May
CEO at Wamda.

Alaa showed high level of commitment and passion during his work with Wamda. Alaa was
also very proactive always proposing improvements in the editorial workflow. He was
able to quickly get up to speed and handle many tasks on his own.

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