من مال الناس

This campaign was designed upon the request of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (Aka LADE) to aware the Lebanese citizens about the corruption in the political sphere in Lebanon. The idea started by joining forces between LADE and few activists to start a Hashtag on social networks called (#من_مال_الناس) [I think the most logical translation to English is #ByPublicMoney]. The campaign grew fast, and a big number of tweeps, activists and journalists joined it. Then I had the chance to work on the visuals of the campaign to wider its reach.



The Cave – Nightclubs Center

After one week of my graduation as Interior Architect | Lebanese University, i share with you in this post my senior project called “the CAVE”

A-1: Project Description

“The Cave” – night clubs center, is a place where the best night clubs in town are gathered in a one location, to create a space based on entertainment, away from the residential area, to give privacy to the both places.

“The Cave” is based in Italy, on a hill up of a lake. The main architectural building called “hidden in Triangles” is designed by “Philip Modest Schamelan” to capture all the view of the lake and accessible by ramps to all the five floors.
I divided the building into 3 main night clubs located between the -2 and -4 floors that every club has its own concept and design. The administration is located on the 0 floor and you can access the Sky Bar from it too. The sky bar is the outdoor bar on the 0 floor.
The security room in the -1 floor to control all the movements of the clients and to solve all the problems caused due to drinking, where they have a computerized controlling system.
The -3 floor contains a celebration hall with its own kitchenette and wc’s, and a shop for special drinks and gifts related to nightclubs themes also with its own services.
When the -4 floor is totally reserved for the stores, divided into 3 stores to save all the needs of the 3 clubs.

A-2: Aim of the project

Commercial & services area, and will be a place to host the international events on a local based location, like International DJ’s parties, products launching events, competitions, etc…

Concept (Click to Enlarge)


Level 0 (Click to Enlarge)


Level -1 (Click to Enlarge)


Level -2


Level -3 (Click to Enlarge)


Promotional Poster (Click to Enlarge)


3D Rendering (Click to Enlarge)


PlayBoy Club


Ready for presentation

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