Little Black Dress Re-branding

Project’s Description: A re-branding concept for the Lebanese fashion store “Little Black Dress“.

Achievement: Nominated between the “Top 10” projects at LibanPack‘s competition.


During the packaging design course we were asked to develop a package for a known Lebanese product, and to work on both structural and visual designs. I picked the Lebanese fashion store “Little Black Dress” and worked on a package for dresses. And here I will share with you only the visual design part of the project (As it was nominated between the top 10 projects in the visual design category, at LibanPack’s Star Pack competition; out of 250 projects from all across Lebanon).

The brand has a collection of creative, fresh and stylish clothing and accessories, that was not reflected in its identity. This is why I decided to go for fashion illustrations mixed with typography and inspirational quotes, to fit every costumer’s taste. The package of the dresses can be used as frames to decorate the client’s home. Here are the series of 4 different visual designs, and the new logo that I designed.

P.S: This is a cooperative project with my colleague “Hiba Abou Karroum” who helped with the raw sketches :)

1. The Logo

Little Black Dress logo by Alaa Chehayeb

2. The Chic and Elegant Lady.

Little Black Dress by Alaa Chehayeb - 1

3. The Courageous Lady.

Little Black Dress by Alaa Chehayeb - 2

4. The Stylish Lady.

Little Black Dress by Alaa Chehayeb - 3

5. The Bold Lady.

Little Black Dress by Alaa Chehayeb - 4

Illustration,Logo Design


IJ Photography

Recently, Imad Jaafar wanted to move his passion of photography to a professional level. And sure, the first step is to set a good visual and branding image of his photography career. Here came my role as a graphic designer to create a good concept and visual execution for the logo.
As a start; I was trying to develop a concept related to “Pixels” (the smallest unit in the digital imaging), Then I moved to mix the digital photography with the traditional one.

Here I got that sparkle: Mixing the pixels with the old film that was used in the photography years ago. But it still needs something unique, an element that makes this logo only valid for IJ Photography. Another sparkle: Let’s use the initials of the photographer’s name “I” and “J”, make them as pixels; mix them with film and remove the pixels in between the film lines. Why? because when you mentally join the pixels, you will read the initials. The pixels are completing the image. And this is what Imad is doing, completing the picture :)

IJ Photography logo concept

Logo Design


Amal – أمل

One of my best sections in design is “Logo Design”, where you unleash your creativity and intelligence to create a visual appealing, yet a logo that deliver the message fast. This project started as a joke. how? I first offered a free giveaway for 2 of the wallpapers designed by me. So I received a message from a friend asking if she can redeem the 2 free wallpaper for a free logo design. And sure, I will never regret such an offer :)

Amal Al Dahouk is a marketing specialist who is working to upgrade her freelance career, and was looking to have a personal logo that includes her name on both English and Arabic languages. As well, Amal wanted the logo to reflect her name’s meaning “The Hope”. From here I started brainstorming on how the message could be delivered, and I came out with the idea of mixing her name in the two languages using typography.

I used a Latin typeface that is bold, linear and with rounded corners to reflect the persistence and the smoothness of the hope, and it is serious side in the same time. Based on this type face, I created its Arabic equivalent font and wrote the word “أمل” and created the following logo design.

Amal Logo Design

Let me tell you one thing that made me happy: This was the first time a logo design got accepted from the first time. We had to choose the best colors and I sure went to use the blue to reflect the hope. Amal was not sure about it, but after more than 20 color variations she picked the black and blue.

Finally, here are some adaptations of the colors if it needs to be used of different background colors.

Amal Logo Design Variations-01


Logo Design


BCC Logo Design

Few weeks ago, BCC (Bshatfine Cultural Center) announced a competition to design a logo that reflects the identity of the center. As Bshatfine is my village and the center is a quality new addition in the region, I had all the passion to participate in the competition.

The logo design should reflect the identity of the client, and a smart logo design is a result of the main mixing elements the unifies the client.

Logo Design


Dima Karim Photography

6 months ago, Dima Karim, a friend of mine asked to create a logo for her as a photographer, to be added as a signature on her photos. a few days after the logo was out, a simple work with typography, editing the 2 initials of her name, with a touch of the negative on the top.


Last week Dima decided she want to move and take another step in her career and start a professional website for photography. if you don’t know Dima you can check her work on her Facebook page: Dima Karim Photogrpahy, and follow her on twitter: @Dima_Karim, you might be interested to check her creative and conceptual photo sessions.

“Photography is my passion, i shoot everything but i prefer to photograph portraits, but i adore to be creative and come up with special photos” said Dima

we discussed the style of the new logo, and Dima wanted the Type used to be flexible and curvy, different than the old one. here comes the fun and the challenge for me as a designer, to create a new design, opposite of the first one, creative and can satisfy Dima again. after all the tries and the concepts, i came up with this one, 2 simple squares symbolizing 2 photos,the one in the back rotated a bit, with the 2 initials of her name in front, framed by the focus sign, that every photographer adore.


i hope you like the new logo. the business card is coming soon, as well as the website. till then, waiting your comments :)

Logo Design