Amal – أمل

Amal – أمل

One of my best sections in design is “Logo Design”, where you unleash your creativity and intelligence to create a visual appealing, yet a logo that deliver the message fast. This project started as a joke. how? I first offered a free giveaway for 2 of the wallpapers designed by me. So I received a message from a friend asking if she can redeem the 2 free wallpaper for a free logo design. And sure, I will never regret such an offer :)

Amal Al Dahouk is a marketing specialist who is working to upgrade her freelance career, and was looking to have a personal logo that includes her name on both English and Arabic languages. As well, Amal wanted the logo to reflect her name’s meaning “The Hope”. From here I started brainstorming on how the message could be delivered, and I came out with the idea of mixing her name in the two languages using typography.

I used a Latin typeface that is bold, linear and with rounded corners to reflect the persistence and the smoothness of the hope, and it is serious side in the same time. Based on this type face, I created its Arabic equivalent font and wrote the word “أمل” and created the following logo design.

Amal Logo Design

Let me tell you one thing that made me happy: This was the first time a logo design got accepted from the first time. We had to choose the best colors and I sure went to use the blue to reflect the hope. Amal was not sure about it, but after more than 20 color variations she picked the black and blue.

Finally, here are some adaptations of the colors if it needs to be used of different background colors.

Amal Logo Design Variations-01