من مال الناس

من مال الناس

This campaign was designed upon the request of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (Aka LADE) to aware the Lebanese citizens about the corruption in the political sphere in Lebanon. The idea started by joining forces between LADE and few activists to start a Hashtag on social networks called (#من_مال_الناس) [I think the most logical translation to English is #ByPublicMoney]. The campaign grew fast, and a big number of tweeps, activists and journalists joined it. Then I had the chance to work on the visuals of the campaign to wider its reach.

The campaign addressed different cases, highlighting some behaviors by our politicians and dropping some direct question towards them, all having the same response #ByPublicMoney.

Below you will find the series of visuals with a brief description for eachone.

1. Your car. Your Driver. Your Fuel: #ByPublicMoney
Men Mel El Nes - Campaign 1-01 by Alaa Chehayeb

2. How you get a private jet? #ByPublicMoney

 Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-02 by Alaa Chehayeb

3. Castles Built: #ByPublicMoney

Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-03 by Alaa Chehayeb


4. You still have power: #ByPublicMoney

Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-04 by Alaa Chehayeb

5. You have a secretary: #ByPublicMoney

Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-05 by Alaa Chehayeb

6. U showed us the stars at noon: #ByPublicMoney

Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-06 by Alaa Chehayeb

7. You’re showing your feathers: #ByPublicMoney

Men Mel El Nes - Campaign-07 by Alaa Chehayeb

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