In Tribute To Amin Maalouf

In Tribute To Amin Maalouf

Project: Poster Design

Concept: In tribute to Amin Maalouf

Year: AG-2.1

Grade: A

Amin Maalouf is a Franco-Lebanese novelist who officially joined the French Academy (Academie Francaise) on June 14th, 2012. The Lebanese Born French citizen is well known for his work, such as “Leo Africanus” and “The Rock of Tanios”; and he received many international prizes. The French Academy includes 40 members of the most famous authors, called immortels (immortals), so our professors decided to dedicate this project to honor Amin Maalouf, by designing a poster that reflects the main elements that lead Amin Maalouf to join the French Academy.

Amin Maalouf poster to enter the French Academy

Amin Maalouf poster | By: Alaa Chehayeb

I designed this poster showing a portrait of Amin Maalouf, mixed with his book cover “In the name of identity” using triangles. Why triangles? Because his character is built on axes of 3 elements (his 3 villages [El Mashra’, A’yn el Qabou, Kfaryabda], the 3 countries his origins and life belong to [Turkey, Lebanon, France] and the 3 languages he speaks and writes [Arabic, French, English]), and I added 3 sentences he wrote about identity, each one in a different language.