Poster Design – Mashrou3 Leila

Poster Design – Mashrou3 Leila

Project: Poster and Tickets design for one of the Lebanese festival’s concerts

Concept: Mashrou3 Leila at Baalbeck Festival (Architects & Musicians)

Year: AG-1.2

Grade: A


As many of you already knew it, after getting my Interior Architecture masters grade i started my graphic design studies at Lebanese University. our last project for this semester was to choose a concert from any festival in Lebanon and design a promotional poster and ticket. Because i am a fan of Mashrou3 Leila, i directly picked their concert at Baalbeck International Festival to be my subject.

Based on a Mashrou3 Leila quote that i like a lot: “We are Architects by day and Musicians by night” i built my concept, using their logo created with squares based on grid and units i created a projection of their name in Arabic to be an equalizer, separating them with a red rectangle and linked by 2 dots of the letter “ي”. on the side of Mashrou3 Leila i added an image of the band with an effect of pixels (to get back to the square based work) and made it vintage with light colors (Day). On the side of the equalizer i used the same texture but in dark colors (Night). and finally i added the Map Grid that Mashrou3 Leila use in their CD covers and posters.

The tickets design came immediately after finalizing the poster design.

Mashrou3 Leila poster Design


Mashrou3 Leila ticket Design