Dima Karim Photography

Dima Karim Photography

6 months ago, Dima Karim, a friend of mine asked to create a logo for her as a photographer, to be added as a signature on her photos. a few days after the logo was out, a simple work with typography, editing the 2 initials of her name, with a touch of the negative on the top.


Last week Dima decided she want to move and take another step in her career and start a professional website for¬†photography. if you don’t know Dima you can check her work on her Facebook page: Dima Karim Photogrpahy, and follow her on twitter: @Dima_Karim, you might be interested to check her creative and conceptual photo sessions.

“Photography is my passion, i shoot everything but i prefer to photograph portraits, but i adore to be creative and come up with special photos” said Dima

we discussed the style of the new logo, and Dima wanted the Type used to be flexible and curvy, different than the old one. here comes the fun and the challenge for me as a designer, to create a new design, opposite of the first one, creative and can satisfy Dima again. after all the tries and the concepts, i came up with this one, 2 simple squares symbolizing 2 photos,the one in the back rotated a bit, with the 2 initials of her name in front, framed by the focus sign, that every photographer adore.


i hope you like the new logo. the business card is coming soon, as well as the website. till then, waiting your comments :)